Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Auto Accident Wiped out Entire Family, Left Little Girl Dead.

A very horrible auto accident happened in Rialto very recently. The whole family was wiped out by a speeding SUV vehicle one fine Sunday noon.

The story entitled ”Rialto Family Struck Down In A Bicycling vs Auto Accident” was reported by The Daily Bulletin online.

It appears that the driver was drunk. He was said to be fleeting from a hit and run accident when he hit the Rialto family. The unfortunate accident left a 2-year-old girl dead and her mother, father and 1-year old brother seriously injured.

The family was said to be enjoying a family time bicycling when the drunk driver came and wipe them all out.

Now, I don’t know about you but it always upset me to hear news like this. This is shocking. Because of somebody else’s negligence – hardheadedness, to be more precise – somebody gets killed or injured. This time the entire family. Such a big loss for such a stupid act – pardon the word.

The driver Rolando Astorga deserves our condemnation. He must pay for what he’s done. He caused the wrongful death of innocent girl and seriously injured her entire family. He must be prosecuted. He must face charges of hit and run and several other felonies which should bring him in jail.

An old adage goes… an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. Were it not for civilization, Astorga might pay more radical price than just criminal and civil prosecution for the wrongful death and injuries he caused.

He should be thanking the judicial system in America: His life will not be taken because he took another, his limb will not be severed because he thoughtlessly cause the same to another.

He will pay the price in another manner. He will have to compensate the family for their loss, including the injuries they themselves sustained.

Auto accidents like this do not only deserve the wrath of law but the condemnation of the whole society as well.