Monday, July 14, 2008

Dog Bites and legal bites

The Stockton record reports relayed the news that happened to the two Animal Control Officers who were bitten by a pit bull Tuesday in unincorporated east Stockton. The event happened while the two officers are doing some follow-ups on a report from the night before that a dog at the address had attacked and bitten a girl in an unprovoked attack.

When the two county officers arrived at the house in the 200 block of South Walker Lane about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, the dog attacked them, inflicting deep puncture wounds in the left arm and midsection of one officer and the thumb of the other, as relayed by Ernest Molieri, manager at the San Joaquin County Animal Control Division.

The event was described then as the worst dog attack on county animal control officers in recent memory.

Luckily, the two officers have not been injured hard enough to cripple them. They were taken to San Joaquin General Hospital after the incident where they were treated and released.

As I view the situation in relation to the dog classification under the Stockton’s Vicious Dog Regulation Ordinance, it can be safely assumed as per the account of the events and dog bite involvement of the pit bull, that the dog can be properly labeled as a potentially dangerous animal. Indeed, it was.

As for the two animal control officers, as well as to other similarly situated, I can say that they have the right to sue the dog’s owner for their injuries.

In most states particularly in California, dog owners are held by law strictly liable for damages to any person injured. However, claiming damages for the resulting injury is not that simple but involves complex process and considerations.

For this hurdles, the injured victims can confer their predicaments to a qualified Attorney who is adeptly knowledgeable and skilled in dog bite injury cases. Having an Attorney in their behalf can give them a legal bite in their claim pursuit against the erring dog owner.