Friday, April 11, 2008

Every One Is Responsible With Premise Liability

In a premise liability claim, culpability can be placed on the owner if sufficient evidence points on their negligence to ensure that their premise is accident and injury free. There are many injuries that can result from premise liability. Slip and fall cases are the best examples.
There are many reasons why slip and fall accidents take place. Faulty installation, leftover debris on floors, defective staircases, slippery floor, and other conditions. To win a successful premise liability claim, you need to prove that the owner of the building neglected his duty in maintaining the safety of his premise.
Oprah Winfrey, the popular talk show host, finds herself in a difficult situation when one of her audience suffered from serious injuries after falling from a flight of stairs. Orit Greenberg is suing Winfrey’s production outfit, Harpo Productions, for monetary damages worth $50,000. According to Greenberg, the production crew failed to control the crowd when they said that they could sit anywhere.
Premise liability is governed by statute of limitations. This means that victims would have to file a case against the offender within a certain period of time. This will vary from one American state to another. If you do not meet the deadline for filing, then you can no longer file the case.
If you are planning to file a lawsuit, getting help from credible lawyers may just do the trick. Their educational skills and trainings make them qualified to represent your case especially if the claim is dragged on to trial.