Thursday, April 17, 2008

How to Prevent Animal Bites or Attacks

Dogs, as they say, are man’s best friend. However, even the friendliest and cuddliest dog, or animal for that matter, can be harmful to its owner or to other individuals.
In recent years, technology has played its part on animal attack prevention. Death and other severe injuries are prevented by injecting the victim of anti-rabies or anti-venom.
In addition, laws on animal care and ownership are also enacted to teach owners on proper animal ethics.
Despite these developments, more and more people become innocent victims of animal bites or attacks. The worse part is many of these victims are children.
In my younger years, I too had been bitten by our own dog. Our dog was ferocious. No wonder, no burglars ever attempted to go near our house. It knew my father as its only boss.
Based on such experience, it is better to keep away from a dog or any animal. The following may be helpful, in doing so:
  • Never go near a dog or any animal that you are not acquainted with, even if they are being walked by their owner.
  • Never try to taunt a dog or any animal or play with them recklessly.
However, when the unforeseen happens and you have been bitten or attacked, always protect your face and neck. Immediately go to the hospital to get anti-rabies injection.
Prevention is still better than cure. You would not want to be reminded of you scar from dog bite or attack as the one I have, would you?