Friday, March 28, 2008

Child Pedestrian Injury

It’s alarming to know that despite the road signs and designated pedestrian crossing, pedestrian injury is still prevalent in this modern era. In Montgomery County, a strategic plan was designed to minimize pedestrian collisions and make sure that all areas of the County provide safe and convenient travel options for pedestrians.
However, it is more alarming to know that child pedestrian injury remains the number two cause of accidental death among children ages 5 to 14 in the U.S.
It’s only safe to conclude therefore that these efforts of preventing pedestrian injury are falling short given its rampant occurrence. Various factors contribute to it such as:
  • Hostile and negligent drivers
  • Lack of knowledge on pedestrian rules
  • Insufficient training of children by their parents
  • Dangerous or hazardous roads or curves
However, given their tenderness of age and carefree attitude, children could not be expected to understand fully the danger it brings. All they could think of is play and have fun which is normally the case.
Needless to say, the responsibility of preventing pedestrian injury for children should not be entirely depend on the government but must be a community effort. Parents and teachers should equally participate in educating children on how to cross the streets safely. Parents should make their children understand that it is not safe to cross the street alone. They should be a role model to their children by obeying traffic signals and markings. Teachers, on the other hand, should reinforce this by reminding their students to take extra precautions when crossing the streets.
These efforts taken as a whole will minimize, if not totally eliminate child pedestrian injury.