Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Suggestions on How to Minimize Truck Accidents

Not so long ago a fatal truck crash and was engulfed by fire at the Bridger Valley Interchange east of Lyman damaging and forcing WYDOT to detour traffic around the bridge using the exit and entrance ramps.
A scene like this is horrific. If the crash resulted to the damaged of a strong structure such as bridge, then what more can it cause to pedestrians. Certainly, being hit by a truck will result to terrifying consequences. It can even claim ones life.
Just imagine sharing the road with 80,000 pound truck about 65 to 75 feet in length. Cars and other vehicles are definitely no match for these monstrous beasts. It is inevitable to not go near them as they may share a lane as your car or go side by side with them on the road.
Efforts must be done to prevent truck accidents or any accident for that matter. Extra precautions must be undertaken. I suggest that the following precautionary measures must be undertaken:
  • Trucks should be provided with a lane exclusively for their use. This will prevent them and other vehicles from having a close contact with each other.
  • They should be permitted to use the roads for certain hours of the day or night. This will allow an easy road access for other vehicles especially during rush hour or traffic jams otherwise stern punishment shall be imposed.
No amount of care will hinder accidents from happening. However, it is still advisable to observe safe driving and rules on road use. This will prevent loss of precious lives and property destruction.