Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Regulating Defective Products

Manufacturing corporations, distributors and even retailers of products have the duty and responsibility to consumers to make sure that their products meet the standards of health and safety for the benefit of the consumers.

The responsibility of these commercial and industrial entities do not end from the manufacturing of their products, they must see to it that the products are also properly labeled and tagged with appropriate warnings to prevent hazards to whose who would use them. Finally, they also need to remove or recall products if they have knowledge that such product could be or are rendered dangerous for public use or consumption.

It is true that there are government regulatory bodies that are responsible for policing these institutions and make sure that the consumers or the public are safeguarded from substandard, dangerous and hazardous products that are flooding the markets. However, more often than not, these regulatory bodies are understaffed and are overworked. This is largely due to lack of funds and enforcement powers. This is why, due to the increasing number of products being manufactured and peddled to the public, there have been more and more cases of personal injuries due to product liabilities.

Due to these constraints, we need to help police the market from these unwanted products. It does not take much to call and report to the manufacturer, distributor or seller if some of their products in the market are defectives and are potential hazards to the consuming public. If these people will not take responsibility for the defective products you can then call the attention of the proper authorities for them to initiate the proper proceedings.

On your part, if you have been injured due to a defective product, the manufacturer or distributor has the liability to pay you for the damages. You should seek the counsel of expert personal injury or product liability attorneys immediately. A reliable personal injury attorney will make sure that you get reasonable damages for your injuries as well as assure that the same defective product will not injure the public.