Friday, July 6, 2007

Have You Been Drinking?

Automobile accidents happen almost every time especially in the busy roads of America. Many factors can cause vehicle accidents. These include driver’s negligence, driver’s physical condition, road conditions, weather conditions and pedestrian negligence among many others. However, the most common cause of car accident and most devastating is the human factor: drunk driving.

If you were involved in an accident, a police office will definitely come to investigate the matter. It is usual for a police officer to ask if anyone of the persons involved in the accident were drunk. If a police officer asks you this, you are not required to answer this question. However, you should always be polite to an officer, especially the one investigating your car accident.

A good reply to the query of whether you had been drinking before the car accident would be to politely tell the officer that you would want to speak with your attorney first.

If you are confident enough however, that you only had one or two beers, your condition does not incriminate you and make you liable as a drunk driver. One or two bottles of beer are not sufficient to cause intoxication even under California laws. In a way, it may help you explain also the odor of alcohol on your breath if you really had consumed alcohol before the accident.

Remember, although less alcohol intake is not intoxicating enough, it may still limit your driving capability depending on your condition. The right thing to do is not to drink and drive for your safety and the safety of others.