Friday, September 13, 2013

UPDATE: Michael Jackson’s Lawsuit Could Finally Head to Jury

After four long months of shocking testimony, the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, on behalf of his three children has started; the case could finally head to the jury later this month according to reports.

The clerk of court, Neli Raya said in an interview that she expects the case move towards the jury in about a couple weeks from now. Meanwhile, AEG Live’s lawyer, Marvin Putnam said he expects the case to be over by Friday at the latest. Thereafter, each party could call a rebuttal witnesses and lawyers could argue over the instructions that the judge will provide the 12 jurors who have sat through the trial.

So far, the case revolves around the question of who controlled Dr. Conrad Murray to administer the power anesthetic, propofol, to the King of Pop. Based on his autopsy report, a fatal dose of propofol had significantly contributed to his death days before his comeback concert “This is It” in June 2009.

Jackson was preparing for his comeback concert produced and promoted by AEG Live during the time of his death. His family contested that AEG negligently hired and supervised Murray

Meanwhile, a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles claimed that after a series of heated exchanges of testimony, expect a more intense and dramatic scenarios from now on for Jackson’s family as the case could now move forward to a jury, he added.