Tuesday, May 28, 2013

California High School Baseball Team Lifts Car to Save Teen

Photo gives credit to KCRA.
Aside from the awards and medals that they have received from their chosen sports, this high school baseball team from California is likely to receive hero’s gold award for saving a teenage girl from a car crash. 

They may not be the best baseball players in town, but in terms of team work, they definitely deserve recognition, much more after recent reports about their heroic act surfaced.

According to recent news reports, a group of high school baseball players rescued a fellow teen after she was struck by a car in their school’s parking lot. The teen girl was accidentally pinned under the vehicle after her own mother, who was then reversing the car, panicked when she hit another parked car in Sacramento’sValley High School. Subsequently, she began reversing without realizing that her daughter was behind the car. As a result of which, the girl was pinned underneath the vehicle.

After hearing a scream calling for help, the Valley’s varsity and junior baseball teams that were practicing on a nearby field, rushed to the scene. Around a dozen of baseball players helped in lifting the four-door sedan to set the girl off underneath the vehicle, media sources said.

Following the incident, during a brief interview, the team’s co-head coach, Brett Sawyer, has confirmed that the girl is expected to recover soon. Also, the proud trainer claimed that although the school might not have the best baseball team, at least it has a great group of guys.

Apparently, it was purely an accident due to an unexpected manual failure. Nobody is to be blamed for the incident. Let us just be thankful that nothing serious, which the mother might regret for the rest of her life, occurred, said by a Los Angeles car crash attorney.