Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ex-Nickelodeon Star Amanda Bynes Figures in Minor Car Accident

Former Nickelodeon child star, Amanda Bynes was reportedly involved in a minor car accident and was arrested for alleged drunk driving.

According to reports, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) nabbed Bynes following a report stating that the actress was involved in a minor car accident as a result of her driving under the influence.

Allegedly, Bynes hit an LA County Sheriff’s car while home bound at around 3 o’clock in the morning in the intersection of N/B Robertson Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard.

Police report says that a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy vehicle was about to turn right at the intersection when the black BMW driven by Bynes attempted to pass to the right of the Sheriff Deputy’s vehicle and struck its right rear quarter panel in the process. The collision damaged both vehicles.

Subsequently, Bynes was arrested for drunk driving following the fender-bender and was given a citation at West Hollywood Sheriff Station. She was subsequently released from the police custody upon paying the $5,000 bail, but she was still required to appear on court one of these days since the hearing date was not yet set.

Last month, Bynes was reportedly pulled over for using a hand held device while driving, but fled away as the police was writing a ticket for her. She was also caught leaving Greystone Manor looking highly intoxicated the same month.

Apparently, Bynes was claimed to be the new Lindsay Lohan for having successive scandals and traffic mishaps. However, Bynes’ father, Rick Bynes denied that her daughter was drunk when the accident occurred. Rick further said that the accident wasn’t to be blamed on Bynes.

Although nobody sustained personal injuries from the said minor car accident, the party who suffered losses and damages may also file for legal claims against the responsible party. In most incidents, victims resort in consulting an accident attorney Los Angeles to guide and represent them in whatever legal action they may desire under the federal laws.