Tuesday, December 20, 2011

66 – Year Old Man Found in a Car Accident with a Bullet In His Head

A 66 – year old man in Florida was found in a car accident with bullet in his head last December 8.

Respondents to the car accident first thought that the wound in Paul T. Holloway’ head was just a result of his car accident injury . However, when Hollowaywent ot the hospital to be treated, a bullet on his head was found by the doctors giving him medical treatment.

Holloway said during the investigation that he did not realize that he was shot. He just thought that he was having a stroke which caused the head injury and the distressing part is that he did not seek immediate medical treatment.

In a report from ABC News, Holloway stated that before he left his house that day, he had an argument with his two – room mates – Paul Anthony Edwards Jr. and Christopher Martin. Holloway testified that one of the two men was handling a gun. However, he is not aware that he was shot. According to the investigation, started driving south bound and seems like going to an address that did not exist in that direction.

The two men were arrested for attempted murder after questioning. During the inquiry, Edwards and Martin made statements that implicated themselves to the crime.

Eventually, after series of investigations, police found out that the two men really had plan of  murdering Holloway because Edward wanted a new roommate and that he intends to collect Holloways’s social security checks.

It is not yet clear whether Edwards or Martin got a personal injury lawyer to represent them in court. Both men are detained in the county jail without bail while Holloway is in critical condition.