Monday, December 12, 2011

5 – Year Old Afghan Child Sustained Dog Bite After the SOTG Clearing Operation

After the Special Operation Task Group (SOTG) conducted a compound – clearance operation in Oruzgan province in Afghanistan last November, a dog bite incident brought a 5 – year old Afghan child in an unfortunate situation.

The Acting Chief, Rear Admiral David Johnston, headed the joint operation. The officer saw the incident as highly unwelcomed and ill fated.

Though the clearing operation was conducted in accordance with proper legal procedures, the incident still took place. He noted that the SOTG force had been operating only with approved procedures.

The rear admiral stated how the dog bite incident occurred according to the initial review that they are conducting. According to him, after the civilians vacated the building, they advised SOTG men that the compound was clear of people. Consequently, the men entered the compound together with the army dogs. Right after the clearing operation, the five-year-old boy was then discovered of having deep wound on his leg. Most often, the common victim of dog bites are children.

Though they believe that they conducted appropriate procedures, the task force is still making a review regarding the incident focusing on finding out how the child was attacked by the animal.

The task force’s medical team immediately provided the child with medical treatment and then later transferred him together with his mother at Tarin Kowt via helicopter.

Thereafter, they were soon transferred to the advance medical facility at Kandahar Airfield for specialist treatment. The boy was released from the hospital after a few days. 

Granted that the SOTG force have conducted a successful clearing operation using the standard and approved clearing procedures, the said dog bite incident is still under their liabilities since the child was bit by an army dog and not just by any other dog. The Rear Admiral was aware of this and this is the reason why they gave the child full assistance.