Monday, November 14, 2011

2 Motorcycle Accidents Occur During Fund Raising Motorcade

A motorcade that was organized to raise funds and support autism research in Los Angeles was unfortunately marred by two motorcycle accidents in the area.

Before, motorcades are conducted as a form of protest action but now, they are being used for publicity, for launching and introduction of businesses, products, and even people, particularly politicians. It could also be done for the purpose of raising funds to support charity institutions. It is usually done in busy streets at a very low speed rate of course.

It was supposedly a successful fund raising motorcade but all turned into a tragic incident when two consecutive motorcycle accidents occur right at the place where motorcade is being conducted.

The first accident occurred at around 10:24 in the morning at the Golden State Freeway near San Fernando Valley, involving two motorcycles and few cars. The second accident occurred at around 11:12 in the late morning. Another motorcycle crashed into a truck. Both the driver and the passenger of the motorcycle died on the spot.

According to reports, the victims were not yet identified and investigation is still being conducted. Authorities were still unsure if the individuals involved in those motorcycle accidents were part of the motorcade.

Who would ever expect that a motorcade for a good cause will result in the death of two individuals? The first accident definitely contributed to the second accident since it caused a heavy traffic and eventually after the second accident, three northbound lanes were closed for several hours.

The lesson learned here is that before conducting a motorcade, the safety of the participants and the inconvenience that it might bring to others should also be taken into consideration first before getting into the action.