Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fallen Compartment Poses Danger to Pedestrians

Sidewalks are for pedestrians. These are used by people to walk to and fro without fear of getting hurt. Therefore, obstructions have no place on it.

When a collapse cover of AT&T’s utility compartment fell on a side walk, Denny Baxter, a concerned citizen put a holding barricade to warn pedestrians of its existence.

Baxter tried calling AT&T about the matter but failed to even talk to someone. Fearing the danger it may cause to fellow pedestrians, Baxter made the initiative to put cover on the said barricade.

Pedestrian accidents are not only caused by being struck by a passenger vehicle. Slip and fall could likely endanger pedestrians. If Baxter did not do what he has done, chances are greater that someone would trip or slip from it.

According to a pedestrian accident study conducted by National Highway Traffic Association, thirty two of pedestrian injuries resulted from contact with the ground and twenty percent resulted from contact with unknown objects. Clearly, the statistics show that obstructions cause real danger to pedestrians.

If someone gets injured due to such obstruction, the victim could file a slip and fall case or a premise liability case against the owner of such compartment or property.

A damage suit could be maintained against the party at fault for failing to remove such obstruction despite notice. For a greater chance of victory, it is advised that victims engage the services of personal injury lawyer to navigate through the intricacies of tort laws.