Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Garbage Truck Driver Trapped in a Truck Accident in a Landfill

A garbage truck driver was trapped in a dump truck after a second dump truck unloaded its trailer causing it to fall over.

Thirty one– year old Charlie Martinez of Birdsboro, Pennsylvania was unloading the garbage he collected at the Pioneer Crossing Landfill in the 700 block of Red Lane Road early morning of November 14, 2011.

The truck accident occurred when another dump truck also unloading garbage next to the first truck accidentally shifted its trailer causing it to fall atop of Martinez truck. According to police, the weight of the trailer smashed the first truck causing Martinez to get trapped. It took almost a couple of hours before the rescuers were able to free Martinez from the crushed truck.

During the difficulty of pulling him out of the truck, Martinez was fully conscious. He was immediately sent to Reading Hospital and Medical Center through a helicopter after he was pulled out.

It seems hard to determine who is at fault in this accident. It is either Martinez or the other truck driver missed to take proper precautions or signals and committed negligence or could also be a pure accident. However, engine or truck malfunction could also be another angle into this incident.

Trucks are huge and under the laws of physics, trucks will tend to gain force of movement or the so called “momentum” much more than any other vehicle. Over speeding is the most common cause of truck accidents, but definitely not for this incident. Probably, there’s either a manual or a technical malfunction involved here that’s why its trailer fell down.

In rare cases like this, you can consult a personal injury lawyer to further understand every detail concerning the accident.