Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pedestrian Crossing Tracks Killed in Amtrak Accident

Crossing the rail tracks illegally may shorten your trip, but may also shorten your life.
A few seconds of getting struck by the Amtrak train will leave you literally breathless.

Instead of taking the risk, walk a few more blocks and cross the pedestrian lane dutifully, doing this will prevent an accident and spare hours of traffic delay on the railroad.

Consider the case of a pedestrian who was killed after he crossed the tracks illegally in South Front Street and Cherry Street on Sunday.

The Amtrak was moving 45 mph en route from Seattle to Los Angeles when it struck a pedestrian who trespassed into the tracks. Authorities pronounced the person dead at the accident scene, reports said.

Witnesses said it has been customary for some residents to cross through the fenced area to shorten their trips since there is no legal crossing for several blocks in the area.

None of the passengers and staff aboard the train was injured. Police officers shut down rail traffic for two hours to give way to the investigation. 

If a pedestrian has illegally crossed through the fenced area, the surviving family members may lessen their chance to obtain maximum compensation for the accident. This is because the pedestrian is considered a trespasser whom the train operator does not expect to be on the railroad. Hence, the train administration may contend non-liability for the accident.

However, if the family members may prove that the train administration still have been negligent in securing the fenced area, the court may allow percentage of damages.

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