Monday, October 10, 2011

68 year-old Survives Car Crash after Ravine Fall

David Lavau was a true survivor. At the age of 68, he managed to stay alive after a car wreck which nearly took his life. On top of that he remained unlocated for six grueling days and survived only by eating dead bugs, leaves and drinking from a creek.

According to KABC-TV Los Angeles, it was on the 23rd of September when Lavau’s blue Toyota plunge to a 200-feet deep ravine near Pine canyon and Lake Hughes. It was said that he had lost control of his car. He suffered from a fractured back, dislocated shoulder and broken bones and couldn’t climb his way up.
His family grew worried and reported their father had been missing after his unusual disappearance. After finding out that he went to buy bread from a familiar store, Lavau’s relatives decided to find him on their own without the help of the local police.

His children, after narrowing their search to the ravines along the steep roads, found their father after he responded to their shouts. Lavau was then rushed to the Henry Mayo Memorial Hospital and had undergone surgery for his dislocated shoulder.

David Lavau’s family was reported to be in good condition and extremely grateful that he survived the accident. There had been reports that there was a similar case of a ravine wreck in Pine Canyon, but the driver did not survive unlike him.

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