Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ferrari Crash on PCH Results to Fatal Injury

Ferrari is one of the most popular and expensive luxury sports cars that most men covet. However, a fatal crash is the last of the words you want to hear from an owner.

Recently, a dream car exactly like this one turns out a nightmare for an owner who is traveling on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) at the middle of the night.

On Sunday, a driver of a Ferrari was moving on PCH when the coupe crashed into a power pole. The car was almost torn in half and ejected the driver and a passenger. The victims fell 30 feet down the rocky beach, according to reports.

Reports said the accident left one of the victims dead on the scene. Paramedics rushed the other person to UCLA Medical Center for treatment of life-threatening injuries.

The crash resulted to down power lines along PCH north of Sunset Boulevard and has affected businesses and households. Police officers resumed traffic operations on two lanes hours after investigation.

You may have your dream car, but if you’re not careful, it may drag you down into catastrophe, especially when you drink and drive along PCH at night. The long and curve road design of PCH may cause trouble for a sleepy driver. The hazard continues when the car hits a road object, and rolls down the rocky embankment.

Such fates of the Ferrari occupants do not cross the minds of young buyers. Perhaps this accident will remind motorists on how equally life-threatening a sports car can be, especially when driven negligently.

Impaired driving due to drunkenness or fatigue is considered a hazardous act. It may be
considered negligence when the driver is aware of the danger he or she may cause, but continues with the action. It carries stringent penalties under California law.

In situations when the driver hits a road object due to a hazardous highway design, the family member of the victim may pursue legal action to recover damages. The plaintiff may file a premises liability claim against the government to receive compensation for injuries and losses.

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