Saturday, September 10, 2011

Los Angeles Detective Off Duty when Killed in Motorcycle Crash

When an off duty officer is gets involved in an accident, the police department may not have to compensate the surviving family members. The family members may choose to file a formal lawsuit instead to recover damages.

On the other hand,  when an on duty officer is injured in a motorcycle accident, the police department will have to provide compensation for the family of the deceased. The family representative will have to show proof that the crash occurred while the officer is performing his or her duties within the assigned shift.

However, when the officer or the detective is off duty, the police department's liability on the accident is lessened. Take the example on Friday when an off duty Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detective was killed after a motorcycle crash on 110 Freeway.

According to reports, the investigator was traveling on 110 Freeway when a truck collided with his personal motorcycle. Paramedics arrived and rushed the 48-year-old detective to a local hospital where he died shortly after arrival.

The surviving family members may assert a formal lawsuit instead. A wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver may help clarify the causes of accident and determine the negligent act/s. The family representative may present proof of the truck driver’s fault in the crash and recover damages such as medical and funeral expenses and emotional loss.

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