Thursday, August 25, 2011

Car Hits Bus Bench, 3 Injured in LA Crash

Have you seen cars flying around the block and crashing into bus bench? - Seems like an action flick for movies, but lately the Koreatown experienced the suspense in a real-life scene.

On Wednesday morning, a car was traveling in 3300 block of W. 8th Street when it ran the red light and crashed into another car. The collision caused one of the cars to jump the curb and struck two people at the bus bench. The two pedestrians and one of the motorists suffered serious injuries and were transported to a local hospital.

The authorities are still investigating the details on the cause of accident.

Running on red light is one of the leading causes of car accidents in Los Angeles. The negligent driver may bump into the car in front or cause collision with an oncoming vehicle. Worse, the strong impact may cause the other car to jump and crashed into pedestrians and road objects.

The car driver will not escape penalties as Los Angeles police officers can trace from the street cameras on how the traffic light was violated. The investigators can also use the skid marks to track the causes of events. By all means, beating the red light carries legal consequences.

If the authorities find the driver guilty of traffic law violation, he will face jail time as well as financial obligations to compensate the injured victims’ losses. The family members of the pedestrians may file the complaint at Los Angeles district court.

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