Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Teen Driver Killed in Angeles Crest Highway Serial Crash

The Angeles Crest Highway might have really lost its safe image since the Station fire.
The infamous fire accident has caused the once-esteemed freeway to shut down and undergo a 16-month repair. However, the succeeding LA heavy rains have aggravated the road condition.

Just a month after the re-opening of Angeles Crest Highway, four vehicle accidents have occurred and harmed a number of motorists. Recently, an 18-year-old driver suffered the pangs of LA road mishap when his car swerved and overturned on the highway.

On Saturday, Aaron Martinez was traveling on the Angeles Crest Highway when he lost control on the wheels. The car rolled over and caused him critical injuries. Los Angeles rescue officials arrived and extracted him from the car, but they found him lifeless, reports said.

Authorities are now conducting further investigation to determine the cause of accident.

Burned debris from the Angeles Crest Highway have been further washed by the So-Cal heavy rains and added more damage to the road. The deteriorating condition of this freeway has seemed unredeemable by ordinary means of repair.  The LA officials may have not corrected the road hazard much to the disappointment of motorists.

Car accidents caused by poor road condition can be blamed on city officials. This apportionment of negligence to government can be classified as a premises liability suit. Drivers and surviving family members can file the claim and recover damages for losses.

Filing a premises liability lawsuit against the government can be difficult. This is because city officials can assert maximum legal defense to nullify claims. However, if you have sufficient evidence to prove that the road has design defect or has poor condition; you can pursue the suit and receive payment for medical expenses and emotional loss.

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