Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teen Driver Plows Chevy Tahoe into Artesia House

What could have occurred between stealing a SUV and crashing into an Artesia home at dawn?
Whether it is street racing with friends or driving under the influence (DUI), the homeowners well know that their house was broken.

Teen driving at dawn is usual along Los Angeles streets especially during summer break. Teenagers engage in road race and night partying that precedes vehicle crashes.

Take the case of Martins' family when a teen driver crashed a stolen Chevy Tahoe into their Los Angeles home on Tuesday at 2:25 a.m.

According to reports, a young motorist was traveling on 183rd Street and Clarkdale Avenue intersection when the SUV slammed into the house. The homeowners were at home, but were not hurt in the accident.

Los Angeles police officers arrested the young boy, but his identity was not released because he is a minor.
Virgina and Joe Martins, the homeowners, said that their house's fence has been struck four times, but the front door was struck once. The couple commented that the property has insurance and they will assert coverage for the damage. The family has been staying in the house for 40 years.
Building inspectors are assessing the safety of the house.

Because the accused is a teenager, the litigation process for his robbery and vehicle accident is different than that of adult’s. The court may summon the boy’s parents and determine their responsibility for the accident. The boy may face penalties such as hours of community service and rehabilitation.

If the insurer is cooperative enough to cover the property damage, the couple may give a sigh of relief. The boy’s parents may also negotiate with the other party on how to settle the matter.

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