Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3 People Hurt after Hit-and-Run Crash in Downtown LA

Leaving the accident scene after you hit somebody can bring you more trouble than relief.

If fright crumples your whole body after seeing blood from the victim's leg, pause and take a deep breath first. Do your best to act objectively by prioritizing the medical needs of the injured person. You can then call emergency personnel who can transport the victim to a nearby hospital.

Informing authorities of the accident allows you to clarify your version of events. It also allows you to avoid imprisonment by presenting proof of financial responsibility. You see, it is not that scary after all.

However, if you allow your fears to overcome you, you will see yourself running towards legal mishaps.

Take the example of an Audi car driver who struck three pedestrians and fled the scene afterwards at Downtown, Los Angeles on Sunday.

According to reports, the driver was traveling on 11th and Hill Streets when the car hit three people and a parked vehicle. The motorist then fled the accident scene.

Rescuers arrived and rushed the injured victims to a local hospital. Witnesses commented that the car sustained damage on the windshield. Los Angeles police officers are investigating the accident.

If the driver stopped and helped the victims acquire medical treatment, police officers may not be searching for his whereabouts right now. 

Failure to stop and identify oneself at the accident scene is a violation of traffic law and they carry penalties before the court. These acts aggravate current charges as well as potential damages.

However, if the driver intended to hurt the victims, he will probably flee without leaving any trace with regard to his whereabouts. Sadly, a planned act carries more stringent penalties before the court.

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