Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Car Splits, 2 People Die after Pomona Car Crash

Have you seen a car flying in fiery flames as it splits into two? Perhaps in movies, but for Pomono residents -- in real life.

The tragic scenario was still fresh among neighbors as they recount to police officers a collision on Monday.
According to witnesses, a car-theft suspect was moving at 60 mph near Holt and Garey Avenue when it broadsided a Nissan Maxima, which was trying to make a left turn at the intersection.

The impact caused the Nissan car to split and burst into flames. The occupants of Nissan, A pregnant teenager and her boyfriend, were pronounced dead at the accident scene. The other car driver sustained minor injuries, reports said.
Police officers commented that Lorraine Martinez was driving a stolen car and did not have a driver's license. Her passenger was believed to have fled the accident scene.

Scary like a real life and death film flick, this accident shows how collision can take the lives of innocent ones on the road. Even an unborn child had been a victim of a night’s criminal episode. Worse, the “partner-in-crime” has fled from legal responsibilities.

Authorities are pursuing investigation on the accident and are tracking the whereabouts of the runaway passenger. Even though he or she has not been the driver of the stolen car, his/her conspiracy with the crime carries stringent penalties. 

If Martinez will be found guilty of car theft and reckless driving, she will face hours of jail time plus thousands-worth of damages. The court may also double the sum for the emotional loss of the surviving family members.

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