Monday, August 8, 2011

Adult Day Care Van Crash Injures 15 Senior Citizens

Elderly people are highly susceptible to injuries during a vehicle accident. More so, a slight damage to legs or head can result to complications or lead to serious injuries.

Because senior citizens do not have the strong recuperation ability of young ones, even injuries from a minor fender bender crash may require long medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Recently, 15 elderly persons were injured in a van accident in San Fernando Valley. The adult day care van that they were riding in was struck another car. At least eight seniors were transported to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

The rest of the elder passengers were treated at the scene, according to reports.

Even though the senior citizens sustained only minor injuries, their medical condition may aggravate if they have existing illness or impairment. More so, worsening damage to the head and other body parts may not manifest symptoms until later years. This means elderly people who are hurt in a collision needs consistent medical monitoring and care.

Such case also means heightened responsibility for the other driver to face the legal consequences of the accident. This can be in the form of giving medical coverage through insurance among the injured elders.

The involved driver, if he or she has some share of fault in the fender bender crash, may also offer a settlement sum. This financial aid may help the seniors gain access to better medical treatment and nursing home services.

However, if the other party is confident that he or she has obeyed all traffic laws at the time of crash, the court may nullify claims for damages.

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