Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rapper Lil Wayne Suffers Cuts after LA Skateboarding Accident

Grammy Awardee Lil Wayne cannot miss out a perfect rhyme, but he can slip and fall on his skateboard head first.

The master rapper suffered cuts on his forehead after falling off his skateboard and hitting his head on the pavement of Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on Sunday, according to reports.

Reports said Wayne was rushed to DePaul Health Center, where doctors administered nine stitches on his head. He was listed in stable condition and was expected to recover shortly after.
The hip-hop artist plans to pursue with his performance on Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. He will also launch his new album, The Carter IV, after the show.

The admired rapper may have been fearless while navigating through the slopes of Verizon pavement. He might have realized his imperfect skateboarding skills when he saw the blood flowing from his face. Fortunately enough, the paramedics arrived on time to rescue him.

Skateboarding accident often occurs among young people who are an avid fan of the sport. The skater either loses balance or hits a road obstruction, resulting to cuts and bruises. At times, a simple blunt on the head can lead to internal injuries. The symptoms may not surface immediately, but may become evident after several months.

By all means, a skater who has suffered head injuries after a fall should seek consistent medical examination to track any complications.

The injured victim may also assert legal action against the owner of the facility, if the accident is caused by the building’s unsafe environment or an existing hazard.

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