Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Angels Flight Resumes Operations on Tuesday

Busy Los Angeles commuters need not take the stairs or walk across Hill and Olive Streets because Angels Flight Railway has been reopened.

Downtown residents can take a sigh of relief as the historic railway resumed its operations on Tuesday afternoon. The California Public Utilities Commission lifted the suspension order after the Angels Flight administration replaced the worn-out steel wheels on two rail cars.

The admin installed custom-made wheel flanges on Sinai and Olivet rail cars after Safety Inspectors found a quarter inch deterioration on them last month.

Residents can now cut their travel time because the 110-year-old train can fetch passengers up and down the 298-feet Bunker Hill again.

The Angels Flight admin assured passengers of safer travel with the new rail parts.

For those who worry about being involved in a train accident, they may take the stairs or walk across Hill and Olive Streets. They can save a few dollars and shed some weight for good.

However, if a train crash occurs, victims can hold the state officials liable for the accident. They may seek compensation for losses just like the old times.

The California court allows citizens injured in public trains to file a premises liability suit. The plaintiff may present evidence that the accident resulted from the negligent act of a state official. He or she must establish that the accident caused injuries and losses.

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