Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LA City Council Fails to Reach Consensus on Red-Light Camera Closure

Peer Pressure? Perhaps no. The LA City officers have cast their individual votes on whether to stop the use of red-light cameras on Tuesday.

The council garnered 7-5 votes, which is short of the required 8 votes to repeal the July 7's initial decision, according to reports.

Because the city officials failed to reach consensus, the prior decision to uninstall all the red-light cameras at Los Angeles intersections will take effect.

 The American Traffic Solutions can resume operations of its red-light cameras if the officers convene again and receive at least eight votes to resume the safety system before July 31. The company may also continue to receive $2.7 million each year as payment for the service.

Most of the LA City officials have voiced out the importance of cutting expenses, including the cost of extra safety equipment in the city. The council suggested improving the Los Angeles Police Department's strategies in disciplining LA motorists instead.

It will be better if the LA motorists will comply with their individual duties to exercise duty of care on the road rather than rely on red-light cameras for safety. More so, car drivers can save thousand of dollars from “running on red light” tickets.

Looks like the city officers have decided to eliminate the special safety equipment and concentrate on implementing more effective policing strategies. On a more serious note, Los Angeles is now more concerned on extra savings rather than saving lives.

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