Monday, June 13, 2011

Angels Flight Closes Due to Worn Out Steel Wheels

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has suspended the Angels Flight operations on Thursday after its steel wheels were found defective.

During a routine inspection, the CPUC has detected worn-out wheel flange on Angels Flight. The CPUC immediately ordered the train's administration to suspend operations, reports said.

Reports said the Angels Flight administration has not expected the sudden wear on steel wheels. The admin has just installed the wheel flange last March 2011. The engineers were inspecting the cause of damage on the tracks.

The Angels Flight administration said that operations may resume in weeks after they have completely replaced the steel wheels.

The historic railway transports commuters to and fro the 298-foot steep Bunker Hill.

The Bunker Hill residents commended the Angels Flight’s safety precaution. The suspension has prevented a second crash similar to February 2001’s fatal crash.

Supposed the Angels Flight has caused another tragic accident, the train administration may face more penalties and grave liability before CPUC and LA City Officials.

Defective train parts are a common cause of accidents in California. Worn-out parts trigger malfunction and collision with oncoming vehicles. When train operators fail to correct known faulty train parts, they can face legal consequences. 

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