Monday, June 13, 2011

Actress Estella Warren Charged with Traffic Violation, Battery Charges

No belle can escape battery charges.

Planet of the Apes actress Estella Warren was charged today with Hit-and-run, DUI, and battery on a police officer at Los Angeles district court.

The misdemeanor charges were filed at the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office. The hearing date is scheduled on June 17. If proven guilty, the model-actress will have to render two and a half years of jail time. Currently, Warren is out on $100,000 bail.

The Victoria's Secret ex-model was involved in a car crash and police fight on May 23. She failed her field sobriety test, assaulted a police officer, and attempted to escape from authorities.

Now that the charges against Warren were officially filed at LA court, the 40-year-old actress may begin feeling sorry for her misconduct. Though the violations were categorized as "misdemeanor", DUI and battery actually have stringent penalties. Estella better have to prepare her legal defenses for the upcoming hearing date.

In California, it is illegal to exceed the 0.08 % Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit and disrespect authorities. Also, attempting to flee from police officers may put you more in legal trouble. It still pays to face your responsibilities and accept known consequences.

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