Saturday, May 28, 2011

Three Workers Suffer Burn Injuries in Sunwest Electrical Accident

Electricians working on power supply are more exposed to fire hazards. Electrocution and burn injuries are among the common injuries that can result from faulty electrical wirings. Recently, two workers were hospitalized after the supply panel caught fire at Sunwest retirement village.

According to reports, an electrical contractor and two Sunwest laborers were fixing the supply panel when it burst into flames. The two employees suffered facial burns and respiratory tract injuries. On the other hand, the electrician sustained hand burns.

The two Sunwest employees were rushed to Arrowhead Burn Center, but the electrical contractor declined further treatment.

A case like this shows how an electrical hazard can cause serious injury to workers. Because of such inherent danger, employers have the responsibility to implement more safety measures to prevent accidents and therefore, can be held liable for injuries incurred by workers if they fail to prevent potential accidents.

When employers fail to fulfill such duty, laborers can file Workers Compensation claim to avail of medical coverage. It serves as the company’s health insurance benefit for employees injured at work. The employees will have to fill up a claim form and attach medical records to prove the injuries sustained.

If the employer refuses to cooperate, the workers can assert legal action to recover damages. A Personal Injury lawsuit can be filed in Los Angeles district court to hold the employer liable for the accident. If the worker has sufficient documents to prove the employer’s fault, he/she can receive compensation for medical expenses and losses.

If you have suffered similar accident, you can consult with a Personal Injury attorney in Los Angeles to help you. Your lawyer will guide you throughout the process of litigation.

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