Friday, February 19, 2010

Pilot evades Plane Accident but injures 2 Flight Attendants

Tragedy was averted as two planes avoided colliding with each other about 20 miles away from Bob Hope Airport last weekend.

According to FAA reports, the pilot of the Southwest Flight 2534 had to take sudden evasive maneuvers after receiving an automated alert because it was briefly on a collision course with a private aircraft which was about 2 miles away.

Two flight attendants were injured; one broke her shoulder and the other sustained bruises.

The FAA is still investigating the incident.

The most common cause of plane accidents, though, is pilot error.

So it might come down between the Southwest plane pilot and the private plane pilot.

Air traffic control may also be factored in, and the FAA will surely explore that angle as well.

For the injured flight attendants, I am pretty sure that their medical expenses will be covered under the insurance policy of the airline.

They are, after all, injured while on duty.