Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drunken Pedestrian Hospitalized after being Struck by Vehicle

The law prohibits drivers from getting behind the wheel whenever they are drunk and impaired by alcohol because the chances of being involved in an accident are higher than the usual. The dangers brought about by drinking may also be seen in accident cases involving pedestrians.

A male pedestrian who was under the influence of alcohol sustained severe injuries after he was struck by a vehicle in San Diego.

The pedestrian was reportedly crossing Federal Boulevard in Webster when he was hit by a Jaguar that was being driven by a male driver in his 30s.

According to authorities, the pedestrian stepped into oncoming traffic prior to the incident.

He was brought to a hospital with severe head injuries.

Pedestrians should be careful when crossing the roads or streets because they are at great risk of sustaining serious injuries when vehicles hit them. They should abide by the law and use the different designated crosswalks to avoid accidents.