Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Intoxicated Man Seriously Injured in San Diego Pedestrian Accident

An apparently intoxicated man was struck by a Jaguar in a pedestrian accident in San Diego last weekend.

According to San Diego Police, the unidentified man suddenly stepped out between two parked cars in an attempt to cross Federal Avenue.

He was struck by a Jaguar, which was driven by a 30-year-old man.

The man sustained serious head injuries and had to be brought to a hospital.

Most people would think that the intoxicated man is most likely liable in the accident, since he apparently sprung onto the traffic.

However, there are still insufficient details to make a conclusion.

Yes, the man was intoxicated and it could be an argument for comparative negligence.

But, the report did not specify if he was in a crosswalk and whether he had the right of way during the collision.

For all we know, the Jaguar may have been speeding that is why the driver did not notice the man.

Not saying that those are what happened, but we cannot disregard the possibility.

The point is that vehicle accidents should not be taken at face value; there could be details that would show the truth underneath the surface.