Monday, January 11, 2010

Woman Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter after Jan 2 Motorcycle Accident

Most of the time, we realize our mistake a little too late.

Heather Anne Baxter, 24, of Antioch was charged with one count of felony and one count misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter following a motorcycle accident last January 2.

According to reports, Baxter’s Honda Accord struck the Suzuki DRZ 400 motorcycle that Jeffrey Cramer, 50, was riding on the southbound lane of Highway 87.

Cramer was thrown off his bike and responding firefighters declared him dead on the scene.

Baxter was said to be running at about 70mph and was not able to stop or decelerate in time to avoid hitting Cramer.

She did stay on the scene and even called 911.

Baxter was said to be profoundly saddened and upset about the whole ordeal.

The family of the victim said that they had mixed feelings about the arrest.

On one hand, they were relieved that the liable party for Cramer’s death was apprehended as opposed to it being ruled as a single crash earlier.

But on the other, they feel sad for Baxter that she has to live with the fact that she caused the death of another person, albeit unintentional.

If they choose to support the prosecution of Baxter or not will be up to them, the state can move forward with the case with or without their support.

They know that Baxter is already suffering for what she has done but they can’t just “not do” anything about the death of their loved ones.

In my opinion, filing a wrongful death lawsuit is the closest thing that would compromise those feelings.

By filing the lawsuit against Baxter they at least, in their own way, may hold her accountable (at least civilly) for her actions.