Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pomona Man Survives Rollover Accident

A Pomona man miraculously survived a rollover accident on the 57 Freeway without major injuries.

According to police, the crash was caused by a flat back tire, which was already worn out and bald.

Cuong Thach said he was saved by God as he was praying the whole time his Toyota 4Runner was rolling.

I’m sure that it’s true but if he was wearing a seatbelt during the car accident, that probably helped too.

Most of us take seatbelts for granted but it actually saves us from the number one cause of death in rollover accidents, which is car ejection.

According to experts, a driver reduces the risk of serious injury or death by about 70% by wearing a seatbelt.

In fact a properly-working seatbelt is one of the safety requirements that manufacturers should consider when designing a car, which is also a similar requirement under state and federal laws.

The state of California requires all people, whether you are a passenger or a driver, to wear seatbelts whenever riding a vehicle.

So if you wear your seatbelt, not only are you keeping yourself safe, you are also following the law.