Friday, December 4, 2009

Police Investigates Fatal Single-Vehicle Crash in San Jose

The privilege given to drivers to operate a vehicle also comes with a responsibility of doing it in the right way. However, many drivers only enjoy the privilege they have and completely ignore the things that they are supposed to do.

This statement may be seen in the recent death of a 48-year-old man, from San Jose, in a single-vehicle accident that happened on northbound Interstate 680 in San Jose.

According to authorities, he was traveling in a 2005 Toyota Camry at a speed of 65 to 70 mph when he drifted into the concrete center divide along south of the Capitol Expressway.

The man did not have noticeable injuries when the emergency crew arrived at the scene, police said.

The unidentified driver was pronounced dead at the accident scene. An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of his death.

The state should implement different programs that will teach drivers the importance of driving responsibly. It may be an additional way of informing them regarding the serious effects that negligent driving can cause.