Monday, December 7, 2009

DMV Employee Struck by Unlicensed Driver while Conducting Driving Test

In one of the more ironic car accidents I’ve come across recently, a DMV employee conducting a driving test was injured when the car he was riding was broadsided by an SUV whose driver apparently needs a driving test.
The victim, who was identified as 63-years-old Roberto Mascardo of Sausalito, remains hospitalized after sustaining serious injuries from the collision.
According to reports, Mascardo was a passenger in a Camry driven by Maria Adela Morales-Monterosa, 57, of Richmond, who was taking her driving test.
As the Camry was making a left turn from Sonoma Parkway to Rainer Avenue, a Ford Explorer driven by Alvaro Sanchez, 41, slammed into the passenger side of the car.
Morales-Monterosa and Sanchez were not seriously harmed but Mascardo suffered major injuries.
Turns out, Sanchez was driving without a license.
Makes you want to say, “Should be you who’s taking a driving test!!”
Hopefully, Mascardo makes a full recovery from his injuries.
He can also file a personal injury case against Sanchez who, from the looks of it, is willing to take liability for the actions.
Sanchez did volunteer the information that he has insurance (which he really should because it is required by California law).
Well, that’s the least of his problems and his insurance company should be able to take care of that.
What he should worry about is being charged with driving without a license and probably reckless driving that resulted to bodily harm.
He should really consider getting an attorney to advocate in his behalf.