Friday, December 11, 2009

Minimizing Road accidents

Road safety must be observed by every motorist to prevent injuring or killing innocent people. A female teenager was in a very bad condition after she was hit by a minivan when she was crossing the street in Santa Ana. She was walking in the afternoon when the 78 year old man’s Dodge minivan hit and dragged her afterwards.

Drivers should be more careful when driving. They should follow strictly traffic rules and regulations because what happened above can happen to anyone.

When someone is involved in a car accident, the medical response team must be contacted immediately. The names and contact numbers of the victims should be gathered as well as those of the witnesses of the car accident. Pictures may be taken of the cars involved.

The police and the insurance company should be contacted immediately. The information gathered in the accident scene such as the pictures and police report will help the investigation. The victim may file a claim to receive reimbursements for all the damages sustained such as medical treatment for the injuries, salary lost, damages of the properties, pain and suffering.

A good lawyer must have credible track record in handling cases and specializes on car accidents. He will guide his clients in every stage of a lawsuit.