Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Saving Life in the Water

One moment he is enjoying the surf, the next thing he knew he was drowning. When Matthew Dinday drowned on the beach, his unexpected death was surely an unbearable news for his mother to receive. Ironically, Dinday was an experienced diver and he only went back to save his father and unfortunately, it was him, not his father., who perished in the waters.

Every year countless people die from drowning and other swimming-related accidents such as scuba diving. For someone who was trained to swim, the diver’s death was flabbergasting for most people. He was there to save his dad but apparently he was the one who needed saving.

It is important to keep one’s safety when they are in the water because this environment can be pretty unexpected. Undercurrent and huge waves are some factors why drowning happens. Some people underestimated the currents of the ocean and proceed to swim alone.

It is better to have someone tag along when swimming so that he can immediately call for help in case accidents happen. People may suddenly experience their leg or feet cramping thus leading to drowning.

Kids must be accompanied by guardians who must see to it that they are safe. Using floaters can also provide protection apart from having someone tag along with them. Even if there are lifeguards on the beach, that does not reassure them that they are safe. Knowing how to swim is a plus but it does not guarantee anything.

When one encounters such accident, he may consult with a lawyer specializing on drowning accidents to know what he can do to deal with this tragic accident. He will guide the victim’s family on what to do and help them resolve their problem. Drowning can be prevented and people have to be aware on what to do when they are frolicking in the water.