Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bicyclist Sustains Major Injuries after Collision with Truck in Huntington Beach

A 26-year-old female bicyclist sustained severe cuts and broken bones on her legs after colliding with a semi trailer yesterday in Huntington Beach.

According t reports, the truck was on the right lane of eastbound Edinger Avenue waiting for a red light to make a right turn towards Gothard Street.

On the other hand, the bicycle was on the bike lane and went straight after the light turned green resulting in a collision with the truck.

The victim would probably file a personal injury claim against the driver or the company who owns the truck.

Since trucks need more room to make a turn, they are allowed by law to take the outermost lane to give them the needed maneuvering space.

However, they are also required to proceed with caution and check for any incoming vehicles or pedestrians.

The bicyclist on the other hand may also have some liability or what we call comparative negligence.

When approaching an intersection, the law asks us to practice caution, it would seem that the bicyclist was not able to slow down and decided to go straight into the intersection without checking for hazards.

The truck driver would have likely been using a turn signal to inform incoming vehicles of his intent to make a turn.

Maybe, as a result of the bicyclist’s haste, she was not able to notice the signal. She may have also positioned herself on the truck’s blind spot where she cannot be seen by the driver.

Either way, the amount of liability of each driver will be determined after the police complete their investigation.