Thursday, October 15, 2009

[Blog Action Day] Reduced carbon dioxide emission to lessen effects climate change

Cars are one of the major contributors of carbon dioxide emission. In fact, personal vehicles in United States alone emit 314 million metric tons of carbon dioxide which can fill a coal train 55,000 miles long and encircle the earth twice.

Carbon dioxide is one of the gases that enhance greenhouse effect making the earth warmer. Scientists believed that the global warming the world is experiencing now is due to the enhancement of the greenhouse effect. If carbon dioxide reaches the predicted level of 600 parts per million, the globe will warm up by 1.5 - 4.5° Celsius by year 2050.

Studies revealed that the tree leading car manufacturers General Motors, Ford and DaimlerChrysler emit a total of 72 percent of carbon dioxide emission or 230 million metric tons.

To minimize carbon dioxide emission, car manufacturers come up with environmental friendly cars such as hybrid or electric cars. These cars have great fuel efficiency and performance specifications.

Toyota, for instance, conducted its own study where it revealed that 28 percent of its carbon dioxide emission occurs during its manufacturing stage. Hence, when it manufactured its Toyota Camry, it reduced a 5 percent of its assembly-related emission.

The reduction caused by hybrid cars may be little compared to the total destruction that continuously beset the earth but little things if taken together can make a great difference.

Reduced global warming effect means better weather conditions which may prevent thousands of potential car accidents and weather-related disasters. The chilling effect that an improved climate may bring will benefit the human race in the long run.