Thursday, July 23, 2009

Separate Watercraft Accidents Injures Two

In San Diego, about 300,000 people go to the beaches everyday during summer. People swim, sun bath or engage in water activities such as water crafting.

In a separate water crafting accidents, two individuals were injured in the surf off Point Loma

The first accident involved a 20 year old man who jumped about 25 feet off a wave, fell and struck by the watercraft. The other injured was a 50 year old man who slumped over a watercraft.

Nicola Lesourd, a Coast Guard spokesman said that the two victims were taken to a San Diego hospital.

The heat of the sun calls for a relaxing time at the beach. Oftentimes, beaches get too crowded that accidents could just happen anytime.

If the victims were responsible for their own injuries, they would bear the loss.

However, if the accidents were caused by the negligent act of another, the victims can file a case against the party at fault. A personal injury lawyer could be employed to facilitate their claim for compensation.