Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Drunk driver crashes into a Chula Vista office

“Once a drunk driver always a drunk driver” - this seemed to be the motto of a driver accosted at Chula Vista.

The unidentified driver led the police into a chase that started on state Route 54 and ended at Rep. Bob Filner’s office at F Street near Third Avenue.

The man had no plans of stopping where if not for the spike strips the police officers threw in front of his truck. Authorities said that the driver had previous drunken driving arrests.

The man sustained only non-life threatening injuries. The police officers ensured that this time he would be facing numerous charges such as evading an officer, driving on a suspended license and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Although no one else was harmed, the accident made a considerable damage to property. A significant damage was done to Filner’s office which the driver could not certainly run away from.

In every drunk driving chase, the end is predictable: personal or property damages. The end is clear for this man. If he would not change his ways, he would certainly end up in a fatal vehicle crash which may even harm other innocent motorists.