Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sailor Dies in Car Crash

A 24 year old sailor identified as Andrew Wade Jackson died in a fatal car crash in Otay Lakes Road near Wueste Road in Chula Vista.

The tragic death was due to Jackson’s failure to negotiate a curve. His car went out of the road and hit a tree. Though he was wearing a seatbelt, the impact was so intense that he died instantaneously. Authorities were not sure if Jackson was driving under the influence.

Car accidents often produce intense impact. No wonder victims die despite wearing seatbelt. Seatbelts could only do so much. A car’s safety features such as seatbelt if coupled with responsible driving would make a great formula against death or injuries.

As reports were unclear as to the cause of the accident, one could only speculate. Oftentimes, human errors such as negligent driving and DUI are the main cause of crash. In case of other cause such car defects, the victim’s family could file a product liability case against the manufacturer.