Friday, April 24, 2009

University City Crash Pilot to Fly Again

Lack of skills and inexperience play a vital role in plane crashes. Worse, it could lead to devastating effects in a pilot’s flying experience.

With just 150 flying hours, Lt. Dan Neubauer’s (Neubauer) inexperience certainly showed on the way he handled the in-flight crisis that occurred on December 2008. As I can recall, Neubauer landed his jet in University City neighborhood killing four people on the ground.

Due to the crash, Neubauer was put on probation. Spokesperson Major Eric Dent pointed out that Neubauer’s probation was not a disciplinary thing and that it was just a matter of determining whether Neubauer could carry safe flight operations.

The investigation revealed that Neubauer failed to follow emergency checklist when he lost oil pressure in one engine. Neubauer failed to land sooner but instead flew over a populated University City. His inexperience was even heightened by the conflicting advice from Marimar officials on the ground about where to return the aircraft carrier.

Investigation even disclosed that Neubauer’s squadron failed to correct the defect in the engine which existed for six months. Consequently, four members of Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 101 had been dismissed and nine others were disciplined.

Neubauer’s case has been reviewed by the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station and the Marine Corps headquarters. The two boards determined that Neubauer was fit to resume flying.

While Neubauer may be given a chance to fly again, certainly, the board should really ensure that he is fit to be on the front seat again.

Pilot should have the necessary experience and skill to fly plane which I think Neubauer lack at this time. As the crash happened only months ago, Neubauer has still to undergo extensive trainings and seminars.