Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two die in Miramar plane crash

Plane crash occurs due to several reasons. Faulty equipment, piloting errors, design or structural defects, weather conditions, negligence are just few of it.

As Federal, state and agency laws strictly govern most aircrafts and strictly implement aviation laws, accidents still happen.

In another plane crash Miramar police already identified one of the two victims. Friedrich Leo Weber died from severe head trauma following the crash of their Piper Comanche. The other person in the plane, a woman, was still unidentified.

The single-engine Comanche was registered to him but it was still unclear if he was the one piloting the plane. The plane was heading to Field Municipal Airport. The air controller had not received any distress call from the plane before it crashed on a hilly terrain.

Reports revealed that the Comanche had permission to fly above the Marine Air Station Miramar. No information yet on how the plane crash or what it was doing in the military airspace.

One thing is for sure, if negligence causes this fatal crash, plane crash lawyers could very well participate. The deceased’s loved ones could summon their aid should they desire to litigate their claims.