Friday, October 17, 2008

New Riders, New Dangers

Motorcycles are fun to ride. You get to enjoy the view of nature while feeling the wind touching your skin. What a feeling!

Actor Gale Harold, however may have been experiencing a feeling of pain as he lays in the hospital bed while recovering from his injuries.

Motorcycle accidents often result to serious injuries. It may even cause death and other life altering changes. Despite of such dangers, riders sometimes become oblivious to it because of the thrill riding brings them.

To the new riders, dangers of motorcycle riding are shortly put aside. What can you expect? New motorcycle, new riding experience and high speeding combined.

Expectedly, victims of this kind of accidents are becoming a trend. You can read it in the morning papers, watch it in the evening news or hear it on the radio.

As a rider myself, I advise the new riders to be acquainted first with their bikes. Start with a less powerful machine. Practice safe riding. Have a complete protection gears whenever you ride.

Remember, a short time of thrill or excitement is not commensurate with a lifetime of injury or trauma. It could never replace a valuable human life.