Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Waging Timely Legal Action in your Pedestrian Accident Involvement

Another ruthless Pedestrian Accident have happened in California, just last Sunday Night, at about 9 p.m. at Hollywood Boulevard. This was reported by the with the heading, “Suspect Held On $1M Bail For Hitting Pedestrians”.

According to the news, a man and a woman, both Latinos, were fatally struck during a police pursuit of an alleged reckless driver. Both died at the scene of the accident at 6440 W. Hollywood Blvd., about two blocks west Vine Street.
Based on the witnesses’ recollection, the victims were holding hands and walking in a crosswalk when a vehicle stopped for a red light before suddenly lurching forward and striking them. The suspect was Sergio Delgado, which according to the witnesses appeared to be intoxicated.

Repeatedly, we are constantly experiencing endless cases of accidents of this sort. We cannot help but wonder why does accidents kept on besetting us, despite our wager of so many measures of safety. I am fully concerned with all these, and I assumed most of us also did, as we or any member of our family can potentially be a victim of this never-ending mishaps.

I can feel how gloomy it was for the surviving family of the victims who died for no valid reason. To them, I extend my condolences.

As an Attorney and a local in California, I considered this type of accident as one of the deadliest accident involvement anyone can have. I have handled a bunch of cases of this sort during my entire practice, which were all tragic and life destructive, though my clients have somewhat attained their deserved compensation.

All I can say for the victims as well as to their families and to those who may experience this type of accident that they should take immediate legal action against the erring culprit who may have caused their depressing situation. This is a must do for them in order to get compensated at the soonest time possible.